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Health spa gifts:   read more here

This can be the ideal gift for the couple who have undergone the hectic schedule of wedding ceremony. Guests who can spend to buy the expensive gifts can consider presenting them with health spa vouchers or certificates of simple or luxurious resorts.
Engraved Souvenir boxes: Engraved souvenir boxes are used to keep the special mementos securely. Souvenir boxes have names of bride and groom engraved on it. These boxes treasure the memories of the wedding day for the future years. Choose the more novel boxes which depicts the persona of itís occupant.
General gift items: General gift items include oil paintings, makeup kit, antique pieces, crystal ware items, good luck gifts and so on. A person can also present the couple with a pair of wristwatches. A perfume set for bride as well as groom proves as an exclusive gift item. Gifts such as night lamps, linens, towels, curtain sets can be given by guests to a couple to make their house a home.

Bride to Groom Gifts  

Bride to Groom gifts are the presents given by the wife to the hubby preferably on the wedding day. It has become more of a tradition to present a gift to the spouse, after the solemnization of marriage. Though the rings, that are exchanged by the bridegroom and bride are regarded as gifts to each other. Still, a bride normally endows a gift to the groom that is more personalized and as per the desires of the bridegroom.

To purchase a gift for a groom is a difficult task for the bride, than the other way round. This is perhaps the reason why most of the people attending the wedding present the gifts to the brides and not to the bridegrooms.

Ideal Bride to Groom Gifts:

Watch: A good watch is one of the best gifts that a bride can present to the bridegroom. Besides, other accessories such as diamond or gold bracelets, gold chain, rings, semi precious and precious stones are good things to gift. Itís best to buy a branded watch fancied by the spouse. The watch needs to be trendy and in vogue.
Ipod: This is a fine gift to present to the groom, if this accessory is already not possessed. In case if the groom has an Ipod, other accessories such as headphones or IPod speaker can be gifted.
Gadgets: It is a common knowledge that men simply love gadgets and hence, a bride can gift their partner with most modern series cell phone, DVD players, Home audio system, novelties, camera and other such gizmos. Besides, games are good option for gifting. Both, bride as well as groom can enjoy and have fun by playing these games together.
Photo album: A collection of photos or an album is best gifts for the grooms, who are likely to cherish them for entire life. To give a surprise to the groom, the bride can take those pictures without the knowledge of groom and then, gift a compilation of all the pictures.
Sport Event Tickets: Majority of men loves sports and hence, bride can present the bridegroom with the tickets of a sport event that the groom adores. A bride is suggested to buy 2 tickets, in case if bride does not like to watch the sport, the groom can at least take along a friend. This is perhaps the best gift that a bride can present the groom. The groom would also come to know that bride actually remembers the interests and hobbies.
Fishing Gear: Plan a fishing trip for the groom along with the friends and surprise the bridegroom by presenting the new spinning rod or perhaps reels or any other accessory related to that sport. This is just an example, if the groom does not like fishing, then camping or hiking gears can also be presented.

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