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Dream Star Writers & Web Designers
 {Passionate about what they do striving for excellence, positive dream team building}

Mrs Unique {From Dream Star Wedding designer}
An alternative voice off beat voice in the world of ordinariness
An Eco friendly young perspective
her enthusiasm and friendly smiles helps our
Dream Team Writers keep a smile on their facet
through the day.

MRS. Unique's Blog

Director of  Dream Star:
Mr { Paul Star} is Awebwedding's
Editor and Publisher 

Paul's Blog


Mr GQ  {From Canada}
brings years of experience to the
Dream Star team worked for leading
advertising and marketing within the wedding industry: client include the Knott.

GQ's Blog

Mrs Unique  {From Planet Earth}
She's our alternative voice
with an eco friendly young perspective
her enthusiasm and friendly smiles helps our get through the day.
MRS. Unique's Blog

Mrs Aloha {From Hawaii}
Our Hawaii Event Specialist
style and design is all hers.
Aloha's Blog


We are currently looking for wedding bloggers if you think you have what it takes to be a writer with our team please apply
with Paul and send your resume to




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Beautiful custom Flash wedding websites will help and make life fun to share your wedding details with your friends and family.
Introduce your dream wedding and how you met your soul mate and talk about your bridal party, post important events
and registry details, Wedding sites
allow guests to RSVP online, share your pre wedding
photos and after ceremony pictures plus stories and so much more.

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